Open Issues for OCN Node and Notary

We have updated our issue trackers for the following open source repositories: OCN Node and OCN Notary. The trackers provide an overview of open issues we have on our radar, allowing the community to comment on and propose possible solutions for them. They also serve as an introduction for new collaborators wishing to get their hands dirty with the source code.

Clicking on an issue in the tracker presents you with further details, including a description:

As well as its type (such as bug, enhancement etc.) and severity (minor, major, etc.):

Here you can also add comments and vote for an issue if it is relevant to you. Of course, new issues can be created by anyone and added to the tracker. Anyone is also free to submit a pull request relating to a particular issue.

In addition to the public issue trackers, various quality of life proposals can actually be found in the source code itself. This is particularly true for the OCN Node, which has a larger codebase than the OCN Registry and Notary. For example, opening the Node repository in IntelliJ reveals a list of TODOs marked in the source. This can be viewed by clicking the “TODO” tab at the bottom:

Double clicking on a particular TODO will take you to its location in the source code:

Hopefully this has given you a taste of how it’s possible to contribute to the OCN Node. There is no issue too big or small and we hope that, over time, the community can grow into something truly special.

If you aren’t familiar with the languages used in the development of the Open Charging Network, here is an overview:

If you aren’t yet familiar with some of these technologies, now could be a great opportunity to give them a try!

We hope this inspires you to get involved in the cutting edge of eRoaming!