Note: It is advised that the reader has basic understanding of the Open Charge Point Interface (OCPI). More information can be found here: OCPI 2.2 Documentation.







Charge Point Operator

The Charge Point Operator (CPO) is responsible for technical operation and maintenance of public and semi-public charging stations. Its revenue comes mainly from providing electric energy to EVs for recharging.


eMobility Service Provider 

The eMobility Service Provider (eMSP) provides EV drivers eMobility services such as access to charging services, payment and more . It needs data for those services, e.g. charging locations for routing.


Energy Web Chain 

The Energy Web Chain (EWC) is an open-source, scalable blockchain platform specifically designed for the energy sector’s needs. It is based on the Ethereum software stack and runs with a Proof-of-Authority consensus algorithm.


Message Broker 

A distributed messaging client which is able to send OCPI messages between Parties. Many message brokers construct a message bus.


OCN Service

An application that is providing services to OCPI-based eRoaming businesses. Are offered through the OCN Service Interface.


OCN Service Provider

Develops and provides apps like contracting, payments, etc. that can be used on top of the Open Charging Network.


OCN Bridge

An OCPI interface designed to be used with pluggable backoffice APIs.


OCN Identity

Self-sovereign identity of a party on the Open Charging Network based on a Energy Web Chain public/private key-pair.


OCN Node

A single node of the Open Charging Network which forwards OCPI/OCN messages between Parties based on a routing system. Consists of a message broker, a connection to an Energy Web Chain Node, a blockchain wallet and more. A network of nodes constructs the Open Charging Network.


OCN Message

A message sent between OCN Nodes. Typically contains the OCPI message, an OCN signature of the sending OCPI Party and the sending OCN Node.


OCN Node Operator

Run an node of the Open Charging Network to enable interoperability between OCN Parties.


OCN Notary

A library providing Open Charging Network request signing and verification functions (OCN Signature) for popular programming languages.


OCN Party

Charge Point Operators (CPOs), Mobility Service Providers (MSPs) and other types of participants in the OCN. Follows the EV Charging Market Roles of the OCPI protocol. Is registered at the OCN Registry and has an OCN Identity. Can send and receive messages and is linked to an OCN Node.

eRoaming business, OCPI Party, OCN User

OCN Registry

A smart contract on the Energy Web Chain that contains important information about the registered OCN Nodes and Parties. It acts as the addressing and identity system of the OCN.


OCN Signature

A message signing and verifying system for the Open Charging Network. Identifies the sender of a OCN or OCPI message by its OCN Identity.

OCN Node Signature

OCN Service Store

B2B marketplace for OCPI / OCN-based applications (OCN Services).


OCPI Message

A message between OCPI Parties following the OCPI protocol. Typically an OCN Signature is added to the OCPI Message to identify its sender.


Open Charge Point Interface

A protocol that supports connections between Mobility Service Providers who have EV drivers as customers, and Charge Point Operators who manage charge stations. It is free to use and independent. The OCN is a decentralized implementation of the OCPI 2.2 hub concept.


Open Charging Network

A decentralized network for enabling use-cases in the EV charging domain. Consists of many OCN Nodes and a single OCN Registry. Can also be considered as an implementation of the OCPI 2.2 Hub concept.



A platform connects to the OCN via an OCPI connection to an OCN Node. It provides OCPI services for one or more parties (CPO, eMSP, etc.) based on OCPI. The OCPI 2.2 documentation provides examples of platforms.



A smart contract on a blockchain (e.g. the Energy Web Chain) connected to OCN Nodes that allows for payment/settlement between parties based on cryptocurrency transactions.



A transfer of digital value (for example cryptocurrencies or other digital assets) that is executed and broadcasted on a blockchain. 



The pre-production blockchain of the Energy Web Chain.

Volta Chain