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The Open Charging Network is moving. You can find the updated documentation at Energy Web’s Wiki: Open Charging Network.

The Open Charging Network (OCN) is an open and decentralized network for the implementation of digital electric vehicle charging services. It provides technical interoperability between Charge Point Operators (CPOs), eMobility Service Providers (eMSPs) and other industry players based on the OCPI 2.2 protocol (Open Charge Point Interface), also known as EV roaming (More information about this concept can be found here). It is a decentralized implementation of the hub concept described in the OCPI documentation. Charge Point Operators, eMobility Service Providers and IT companies in the e-mobility domain can connect their services and build solutions on top of the OCN.

Getting started

For a step-by-step guide please visit this page: Getting started

Public Test Network and Production Network

The Open Charging Network community maintains two networks:

Public Test Network: Used by developers to test their applications as well as testing new releases of OCN technology under different conditions before deploying to the OCN Production Network.
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Production Network: Used for production, currently in Version 1.0 (Last update: 03.03.2020)
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Open Source Development

The Open Charging Network is a community project by and for the electric vehicle charging community / industry. All components of the Open Charging Network are developed fully open-source under the Apache 2.0 license. The development is steered by the non-profit Share&Charge Foundation.
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