Running a node

The Open Charging Network is an implementation of the OCPI 2.2 hub concept. The difference to traditional hubs is that there is no centralized server that everybody needs to connect to, but decentralized nodes, called OCN Nodes. Anybody can run such a node and regardless of which node a party is connected to, an OCPI message sent will always find its recipient (assuming the recipient is registered, connected and whitelisted). This is enabled by a global address book similar to a Domain Name System, the OCN Registry, and a message routing mechanism.

There might be different reasons for running your own node of the network, for example making you less dependent on external service providers. From a network perspective the Open Charging Network becomes more reliable the more nodes are connected, so the Share&Charge Foundation encourages everyone to operate their own OCN Node.

The following steps help you to successfully set up and run your own OCN Node:

  1. Setup and Configuration

  2. Administration of node and connected parties

  3. Keep your OCN Node up to date!